Game Showcase 2017


  1. WHAT: The Computer Simulation & Gaming Conference (CSGC) brings together students, educators,  professionals and enthusiasts for two days of learning, innovation, networking and gaming. From VR and  game design to visual effects and digital art, CSGC features inspiring talks, workshops and exhibits.
  2. WHEN: Friday Conference : April 12, 2019
                 Saturday Competition: April 13, 2019
                 Registration opens at 9:00 am
                 Main Event –  10:00 am – 5:00 p.m.
                 Saturday Awards Ceremony – 5:00 p.m. – 6:00 pm
  3. WHERE: The Expo will be held in Allen Chapman Student Union at the University of Tulsa
  4. WHO: This event is free and open to the public. Over hundreds of attendees are expected to attend this year’s event.
  5. WEB:
  6. More Info: For more Information contact:


These rules apply to all competitors no matter the competition, category or group division.


  1. FEES
    1. There are no fees for entry this competition
    1. In order to ensure your spot for the competition we ask that all teams pre-register for this event.
    2. Teams can consist of a maximum of 4 people.
    3. Digital art submissions must be submitted by individuals no team submissions.
    4. A single registration is required per-team (DO NOT send in individual registration for each team member)
    5. You must register for each category separately (eg. one registration for the game showcase, a second registration for the  Code Jam)
    6. All Code JAM entries must pre-register by March 1st. The code jam theme will be announced on April 1st.



  1. Competitors may set up their displays the morning of exhibition day (April 13) between 8:30 a.m. and 10:00 a.m. Competitors must have their booth ready by 10:00 a.m. for the start of the event
  2. Competitors are allowed to unload and load in our loading zone in front of th Allen Chapman Student Union, marked by cones. After loading is complete they are asked to park in the designated lots (see map Hours & Location page).
  3. Competitors must bring their own equipment for one functional set-up of the game, art or other
    1. This includes any hardware, output devices, cables, mounts, boards, etc.
    2. We have a limited supply of extension cords provided on a first come first serve basis. Be prepared, bring your own.
  4. Competitors should have one member at their display at all times
    1. CSGC, the event staff nor TU is responsible for anything missing or broken during the event.
  5. Competitors are asked to dismantle starting after 4:00 p.m. and must clear the room of their equipment by 5:00 pm. 
  6. Competitors are asked to remain at the event for the 5:00 pm Awards Ceremony


  1. All entries must meet the submission requirements. See each competition category page for complete submission details
    1. Computer Simulations & Graphics Competitions
      1. Computer Animation & Special Effects Festival
      2. Digital Art Show
      3. Computer Simulation Showcase
    2. Game Development & Design Competitions
      1. Game Showcase
      2. Game Design Gallery
      3. 168-Hour Code Jam
  2. Judges will review all submissions prior to the day of competition. All submissions must be submitted by April 7, 2019.
    1. Games and digital art must be self hosted (e.g. on a site like  DropboxGoogle DriveOne Drive, and or on your personal website) and a shared URL submitted
    2. Many competitions will also require one or more video submissions via a public Youtube link
    3. See submission details on competition pages for full requirements.
  3. Judging criteria for each competition is listed on the competition category pages (see links above).
  4. Entries may be disqualified at the discretion of the judges for use of any inappropriate content, themes or failure to meet submission requirements.



  1. The awards ceremony will be held in the exhibition hall at 5:00 pm.
    1. Prior to the ceremony we ask that all competitors dismantle and pack up their displays between 3:30 & 4:15 pm
    2. All competitors are asked to leave the exhibition hall no later than 4:30 as we prepare the room for the Awards ceremony
    3. The Award Ceremony doors will open promptly at 5:00 pm 
    4. Competitors are asked to take a set and sit quietly through the ceremony
    5. All winners will be directed to the stage where they will receive their award and pose for pictures. (pictures will be posted on the CSG website and social media channels.)
      1. Winners must be present to receive award.
    6. The awards ceremony will end on or about 6:00 pm and we ask that all individuals vacate the building no later than 6:30 pm.


  1. DIRECTIONS TO Allen Chapman Student Union
    1. From Oklahoma City take  I-40 E from Oklahoma City Blvd. Next take I-44 E to E Admiral Blvd in Tulsa.
      Take exit 8 from I-244 E. Follow E Admiral Blvd, E 1st St S and S Harvard Ave to your destination.
    1. This event will be located in at the University of Tulsa Allen Chapman Student Union located at:
      440 S Gary Ave, Tulsa, OK 74104
    2. The best location to park is Lorton Performance Center Parking (see University map for locations
  3. Event Location Map
    1. See hours & location for more details and parking map


The University of Tulsa and CSGC reserves the rights to change, modify, and or update the rules, regulations, and guidelines at anytime. These will be subject to change at anytime without notification.



    1. Exhibitors and attendees must adhere to all the University Tulsa (TU), city, county, state, and federal regulations.
    2. The selling or use of tobacco, alcohol, and gambling-related products are strictly forbidden at the show.
    3. All weapons of any kind are strictly prohibited.
    4. For a complete list of University of Tulsa  rules and regulations visit:
    1. Attendees may bring children; however, all children 14 and under must be accompanied by an adult at all times. Children are not permitted to wander freely through the event or the university without a guardian of 18 years of age or older.
    2. VR & AR hardware manufacturers advise that VR use is limited to children over 13 years old. Parents must agree to sign a waiver allowing children under 13 to demo any of the game in our VR showcase.
    1. In the event of lost or damaged goods, please inform a member of the Event Staff. They will direct you to campus Safety and Security. However, CSGC, the event staff nor TU is responsible for anything missing or broken during the event.
    2. All Exhibitors and guests are held accountable for his or her own belongings and are encouraged to make sure that they have all their possessions before leaving the event to ensure that nothing is left behind.
    1. By attending the public CSGC attendees are granting their permission to be photographed or recorded by individuals authorized by CSGC and grant their permission for CSGC to use such videos and images or footage for archival or promotional purposes.
    2. We do not represent, warrant, or guarantee that other attendees or other individuals will not take photos or record video or audio of you while you are attending the public expo event. You attend the expo at your own risk with regards to such photos, videos, and audio, being taken by a third-party.