With over 500 attendees it's no wonder that Computer Simulation & Gaming (CSGC) is a great place to reach a new and wide audience. Now, how can we help you make sure that those attendees learn about your organization?

Aside from our traditional exhibitor and sponsorship opportunities we are also offering hosted events at CSGC.

A hosted event is an event which you and your team organize promote and setup. The event itself will then take place at and during CSGC.

Gaming Event

Types of Hosted Events

Hosted events can range from a variety of types depending on your organization. For example:

  • Game Tournament
  • Showcase or Gallery
  • Demonstration
  • Cosplay
  • Group Meetup 


Would you like to host your event at HGE?  Pitch your idea to our planning committee and we see what we can do.


For more information contact: info@heartlandgamingexpo.com

Hosted Event Rules

All hosted events must abide by the rules and regulation set forth by HGE.
All approved hosted events must provide details and rules regarding their event to the HGE committee to be posted on the HGE website. For example if you are hosting a video game tournament the details about the tournament and rules for entering and wining must be formalized and submitted. HGE also reserves the right to make any modifications to said rules to align with the rules of the main HGE event.