CSGC provides a unique opportunity for students and indie developers to showcase their simulations and games to a large scale audience, while providing attendees with first hand experiences with these mediums.

All of our various competitions will then be judged by our panel of judges highlighting the up and comers in the field of Computer Simulation and Gaming.

Simulations & Graphics

At CSGC we aim to celebrate all forms of computer graphics and the many disciplines, and industries that are touched by computer graphics. Whether you are studying or working as a graphic/web designer, filmmaker or engineer we want to showcase your digital arts , animations, special effects and computer simulations.

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2018-HGE Game Design

2018-HGE Game Showcase

Game Development & Design

CSGC hosts the LARGEST GAME DEVELOPMENT COMPETITION IN THE CENTRAL US (formally Heartland Gaming Expo). These competitions vary from fully functional game development projects to game designs still the conception phase.

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