CSGC 2019

Game Development and Design combines the fields of computer science, physics, art, animation, writing and music together in order to develop an immersive and entertaining experience that engages the player.

CSGC hosts acclaimed competitions in Game Development & Design . Open to students K-12, college and indie professionals, our CSG competitions  from functional digital and/or physical game development projects to game assets such as music or art.

Board Game

New Physical Game Category

Do you have an idea for a game but do not yet possess the skills to turn it into a digital game?
Or maybe you just have a fun party game that works best in a physical format.
Whatever the case this year we are featuring a new competition category in Physical Games.

Competition Overview

The competition is divided into categories related to game development and design. These categories include:

Each competition category is further divided into ONE of the following groups:

  • Elementary
  • Secondary (Middle & High School)
  • Post-Secondary (College/University & Career Tech)
  • Indie Development (or non-student)

Register Now

Be sure to visit each of the competition category pages (see links above) for detailed information about each and also be sure to review the competition rules and regulations before registering!

NOTE: All submission details and competition rules are being revised and maybe subject to change.
Final details will be set no later than January 2022.