Computer graphics are not only used as a core component of computer simulations and gaming, they are also used as a medium for storytelling in animation and visual effects. At CSGC we want to highlight computer graphics in a narrative context, allowing competitors a chance to screen their animations and visual effects to a live audience.


The animation festival is designed to recognize and reward individuals/teams that have worked hard to produce a computer animation , that tells a narrative story and visually compels us. Individuals or teams can enter a computer animation, using the modeling and editing software of their choice. Animations will be judged based on all aspects of storytelling and aesthetics, but most importantly how these animation come together into a final product.

Submission Details

  • All individuals or teams must pre-register for this event. Registration opens in February.
  • All submissions must be a computer animation (2D or 3D) and must have a narrative.
    • No art for the sake of art
    • Your animation must tell a story
  • All submissions must consist of 2 full minutes of animation (maximum of 10 minutes).
    • The total time for end titles and credits together should be no longer than 7 seconds.
  • All components of the animation must be created by the animation team.
    • Copyrighted images, audio, footage and characters can not be used. (ie. Celebrity photos, movie screen grabs, drawings of copyrighted logos, characters, etc. and so forth).
    • Creative Commons / Licenced external , publicly available , resources, such as free textures or audio can be use in their short.
  • Animations may be built in any animation/modeling software 
    • Animations may also be edited with any video editing software.
  • All submissions must be appropriate for all viewing ages
    • MUST NOT contain any offensive language, graphic content, and suggestive themes (ex. sex, drugs and alcohol).
  • All submissions shall submit their short with a Youtube video link
    • Videos visibility settings must be set to public for viewing
    • When uploading the Youtube video (under details , tags) you must include the tag #CSGC2022
  • All animation submissions must be submitted by April 1, 2022


Festival Screening

All animations will be screened during the exhibition day (April 17) of CSGC. The time and location of the screening will be available on the Event Schedule. CSGC will also reserve the right to publicly share these videos across our social channels.


Independent of the judging and festival screening, entrants have the option of promoting their short in the exhibition hall during the exhibition day (April 17) of CSGC.  A maximum of one set-up for the submission. Entrants must bring their own equipment to display their animations for expo attendees during the event. See full competition rules and regulations for details about set-up and equipment.


Judges will review all submissions prior to the day of exhibition. All submissions must be submitted by April 1, 2022.  All submissions must be screened on April 16, 2022, during the exhibition. Winners will be announced at the Award Ceremony following the exhibition; winners must be present to receive award.

Below are the judging criteria for the Animation Festival

  1. Creativity -  Is the idea unique? Does it provide a new twist or an out of the box idea
  2. Narrative - Is there a compelling narrative? Does the story make sense?
  3. Visuals - Are the visuals consistent and appealing? Has it been edited/staged with thought and intention?
  4. Audio - Is the audio relevant to the short? Does it add to the telling of the story?
  5. Technology -  Does it demonstrate a level of expertise in this medium? Does the submission make use of interesting or advance techniques and/or technology?
  6. Other - If present judges may take note of in additional feature such as audio and musical score.


Register Now

All entrants must accept and acknowledge the competition rules and requirements upon registering for this competition.

NOTE: All submission details and competition rules are being revised and maybe subject to change.
Final details will be set no later than January 2022.