digital art

CSGC offers digital artists an opportunity to exhibit their works. Under the umbrella of new media, digital art refers to any an artistic work which is produced with the use of digital technology.


The digital art show is designed to recognize and reward individuals who have created an artistic work using digital technology . Individuals (no team submissions) can enter a variety of digital art, from computer illustrations, computer paintings, graphic design pieces, and or digital photography. Digital art will be judged based on all aspects aesthetics, composition and creativity.

Submission Details

  • All individuals  must pre-register for this event. Registration opens in February.
  • Each entry is considered a collection and can contain a maximum of 3 digital art pieces related to one of the following categories: computer illustration, computer painting, graphic design piece and/or digital photography.
    • All art submissions must be submitted digitally
    • Physical art pieces must be displayed upon day of the competition
  • Digital art may be created using any art/graphic software 
    • While the work can include traditional art elements, 90% of the work must be digitally created
    • Digital photography entries must only be photographed using a digital camera.
  • All components of the animation must be created by the animation team.
    • Copyrighted images, audio, footage and characters can not be used. (ie. Celebrity photos, movie screen grabs, drawings of copyrighted logos, characters, etc. and so forth).
  • All submissions must be appropriate for all viewing ages
    • MUST NOT contain any offensive language, graphic content, and suggestive themes (ex. sex, drugs and alcohol).
  • All animation submissions must be submitted by April 1, 2022
    • To submit your work you need to host it yourself (e.g. on a site like DropboxGoogle DriveOne Drive, and or on your personal website) and submit the shared URL



All submissions must be displayed during the exhibition day (April 18) of CSGC.  A maximum of one set-up for the submission is required. Entrants must bring their own equipment to display their digital art for judges and expo attendees during the event. See full competition rules and regulations for details about set-up and equipment.


Judges will review all submissions prior to the day of exhibition. All submissions must be submitted by April 1, 2022.  All submissions must be screened on April 16, 2022 during the exhibition. Winners will be announced at the Award Ceremony following the exhibition; winners must be present to receive award.

Below are the judging criteria for the Animation Festival

  1. Creativity -  Is the design unique? Does it provide a new twist or an out of the box idea?
  2. Composition - Does the work follow good composition? Does it apply the principles of design?
  3. Craftsmanship - What is the quality of the work? What techniques where used to develop this work and to what level?
  4. Technology -  Does it demonstrate a level of expertise in this medium? Does the submission make use of interesting or advance techniques and/or technology?


Register Now

All entrants must accept and acknowledge the competition rules and requirements upon registering for this competition.

NOTE: All submission details and competition rules are being revised and maybe subject to change.
Final details will be set no later than January 2022.