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Computer Simulation & Gaming Conference (CSGC) official press kit includes all official versions of the 2019 CSGC logo and press release. This content is available for download and to be used for promotion of the CSGC.


Help us spread the word about the CSGC by becoming an official Media Partner. Being a media partner is a two way street. We ask that all media partners distribute, display and promote the CSGC. We provide you with the flyers and Posters. In return the CSGC will promote our media partners through digital and print ads the day of the event.

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The use of the 2019 CSGC logo must be in strict compliance with the rules below:

Acceptable Internal Use

CSGC committee members are free to use the annual conference logos, provided the following guidelines are considered:

  • The logo and text should be used together, as defined, whenever possible.
  • The typeface shall not be altered or replaced with another.
  • The proportions of logo and text shall be retained.
  • It is understood that certain design opportunities necessitate the use of the logo without the text.
  • Decoration of the logo is acceptable as long as the basic logo remains clearly visible.

Acceptable External Use

Media partners and other entities associated with the CSGC are welcome to use the conference logo, as appropriate, to promote their events and/or describe their activities.

Individuals may use the logos to acknowledge their attendance or participation in a sponsored event.

It is also acceptable to grant permission to third parties, such as news organizations, to use the logos for promotional purposes.

Prohibited Use

It is our policy that the CSGC logo be used without modification and in an appropriate manner. Examples of prohibited use include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Any implication of endorsement by the organization or its activities;
  • Commercial uses (placement of the logo on product packaging);
  • An individual’s use of the CSGC logo for purposes other than acknowledging attendance or participation in our activities;
  • Combination of the CSGC logo with another logo.
    • Approved sponsors are allowed to share the CSGC Logo along side their own for marketing purposes.


Heartland Gaming Expo renamed to focus on simulation and gaming in 2019

The University of Tulsa will host the 2019 Computer Simulation and Gaming Conference April 12-13 from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. in the Allen Chapman Student Union. The event is free and open to the public and will highlight computer simulation through simulation and graphic competitions, a computer animation festival, digital art show and simulation showcase.

Formerly named the Heartland Gaming Expo, the re-branded Computer Simulation and Gaming Conference aims to bring together students, educators, professionals and enthusiasts for two days of learning, innovation, networking and gaming.

The event will include a conference on April 12 and a competition/exhibition on April 13. Conference attendees will participate in bring-your-own-laptop workshops, hands-on demonstrations and inspiring presentations from industry professionals. The competition/exhibition portion is one of the largest game development competition in the central United States where students will have an opportunity to exhibit one of their game development and design entries.

“The field of computer simulation and gaming is more than just video games. It’s a blend of creative arts, computer science and technology,” said CSGC Coordinator Akram Taghavi-Burris. “The goals of our event are to increase awareness around the simulation and gaming industry and other emerging fields in creative technology while also providing professional development to individuals already working or studying in these fields.”

Learn more about the conference and see a full schedule of events at


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